A novel way to write a cookbook!

Scone With The Wind     By Miss Victoria Sponge   Cakes & Bakes with a Literary Twist.

Scone With The Wind Miss Victoria Sponge Cakes & Bakes with a Literary Twist

Scone With The Wind
Miss Victoria Sponge
Cakes & Bakes with a Literary Twist

Let’s start our day with ‘Breakfast at Tiffins’ and share a few ‘Wuthering Bites’.  Let’s now travel ‘On the Rocky Road’ with the likes of ‘The Three Mousse-keteers’ then enjoy ‘Apples’ Adventures in Crumble-land’ with tea and a ‘Hobbiscuit’.  By now you see we have ‘Tamed the Choux’ with ‘Much Ado About Muffins’.  So let’s head home and finish the day with just one last ‘Midnight’s Cupcake’.

I hear you say what’s she on about,                                                                                             What does all this mean?                                                                                                                   Well if you can you must read this book,                                                                                       It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen.

One Flew Over The Cookies Nest

One Flew Over The Cookies Nest

If you are a lover of books, literature, food, cooking and just a bit of fun than this little book is right for you.  I was lucky enough to receive “Scone With The Wind, By Miss Victoria Sponge, Cakes & Bakes with a Literary Twist” for my birthday from someone who knows me well!  What a fun book this is, with its twist on the classics and the chance to try a few new recipes what more could you possible want from one little book.

A Choc-Work Orange

A Choc-Work Orange

Right from the contents page you will be smiling, with chapters including “Romance & Comedy”, “Thrillers, Crime & Horror”, “Tragedy & Drama”, “Children’s Classics” and more.  Each quirky chapter includes recipes along with fun descriptions which include quips, quotes and names from the related book.  It really is a fun read.

With descriptions like ‘Holly Golightly on these tempting tiffins’ or ‘Tastes as sweet as teenage crush, as lovers’ kiss, as moonlit balcony embrace’ how could you not want to try them out.  Choose from the likes of Murder on the Orient Espresso Cakes, Cat on a Tarte Tatin Roof and Life of Pecan Pie and get baking.  Then while you are sampling some of your new delights, read on and have some fun!

With book in hand and kettle on I chose a few recipes to try myself and I wasn’t disappointed at all.  ‘A Choc-Work Orange’ (Chocolate and Orange Jaffa Cupcakes) had a mysterious and fantastical rich dark chocolate and delicate orange flavour.  The cupcake was spongy the icing sweet and fudgy.   “Eat this sweetish segment or spit it out. You are free.” (Anthony BurgessA Clockwork Orange)

Chocolate and Orange Jaffa Cupcakes

Chocolate and Orange Jaffa Cupcakes

‘On The Rocky Road’ (American Rocky Road) was an adventurous, death defyingly rich fudge style slice.  The softness of the marshmallow, the crunch of the peanuts, the sweetness!  “The world was suddenly rich with possibility.”  (Jack KerouacOn the Road)

On The Rocky Road

On The Rocky Road

And one of my favourites ‘One Flew Over the Cookies Nest’ (Fruit and Nut Cookies) was a light crisp, crunchy cookie and oh so easy to make.  They really are crazy good!

So even if you’re not much of a reader, most people know the classics and I know if you’re reading this you might just be a fan of cooking and eating.  So get your hands on a copy of the book (www.bookdepository.com), for yourself or even for a friend.  I know you will love it for its quirkiness, fun and especially for its recipes.  Why not throw a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party while you’re at it.  ‘Embrace the madness with these wonderful bakes.  Every one a little out of the ordinary…’ (page 149 Scone With The Wind by Miss Victoria Sponge).

Fruit and nut Cookies (otherwise know as One Flew Over The Cookies Nest) from Scone With The Wind

Fruit and nut Cookies (otherwise know as One Flew Over The Cookies Nest) from Scone With The Wind

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    I will look out for this book, thanks for posting ☺️

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