A little bit about me!

Well what can I say.  I love food, cooking, traveling, reading, wine, taking great photos and sharing.  That is why I have decided to create my own blog.  My thoughts for this blog are to share the stories of my life so far as well as what happens in the future.  I am by no means an expert at any of the above but I have done them all!

You see I was born into a family that has travelled.  I was born in a little place called Roswell, New Mexico but I don’t remember any of it as we then moved to Canada, Virginia, Mississippi, Colorado, Australia and I have even done the working holiday in England as well as travelled all over the world (probably not to as many places as some) and I have now settled in Tasmania.

Growing up I remember always sitting at the table to eat our meals as a family, talking about the day and enjoying each others company.  Even as we all grew older we still got involved in the happenings of the kitchen.  And from there I grew to love both food and travel.

I hope to be able to share with you some of the stories of growing up, of my travels and share some of my hints, tips and recipes with you.  I have a lot to learn about this blog thing and am so far struggling with setting my blog up to make it easy for my readers (And I do hope I have some readers out there).  So if you have any hints and tips let me know.

I will (once I have learned how to do it) share my recipes as well and hopefully share any news or reviews of my travels, hotels, attractions, restaurants and events I have attended.  I hope you enjoy and please be patient with me while I get this blog up and running.

Be good, smile always and be happy!



2 Responses to A little bit about me!

  1. ZoeyTravels says:


    Thanks for being part of the ZoeyTravels world by following and commenting ❤ I really appreciate it! I love your photography and your cooking and your adventures.. well, everything in this blog. We have a lot in common 🙂 I've just started an interview section in my blog and would love to know if you're interested in participating. I have interviewed only one person so far but you can check it out in this link: https://zoeystravels.wordpress.com/interviews/
    If you're interested you can comment or email me: zoey.travels.the.world@gmail.com

    Have a beautiful day and happy blogging ❤


    • DonnaRae says:

      Thank you Zoey. I would love to be a part your your interview section and will definitely have a read of your first interview. It’s good to be able to share stories with like minded people like yourself. I look forward to following you in the future and will email you shortly. Keep blogging and keeping smiling. 🙂

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